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I HAVE BEEN WORKING as a freelance journalist for 16 years. At the same time, I have also as a project leader helped, for example, the City of Stockholm, the European Union, the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat and arts centre Färgfabriken reach out in original, engaging and efficient ways through words.


As a writing journalist, my areas of work are mainly stories about social and individual challenges, science and architecture. I have, for example, worked for Rädda Barnen's magazine (Save the Children), which is now closed down, the Union for social workers, which has a scientific magazine called Socionomen, Vetenskapsrådet (the Swedish Research Council) and for Svenska Dagbladet, as well as for Arkitektur (magazine for architects) and British Architectural Design.


Over the years, my area of field has been, amongst others, youth acting out and showing risk factors of criminal behaviour, but also how and why adolescents turn to criminal gangs. I wrote articles about the latter subject as early as around year 2000.


Now I also produce strong video interviews focused on personal stories, and urgent social issues, for the Internet. I also interview scientists. Clients have been, amongst others, Liber Läromedel (a company for teaching materials), Forum för Levande Historia (the Living History Forum), and an interview with an author presenting his new book published by Norstedts (Swedish book publisher).

I spent two years at Gothenburg university studying information production, journalism and television production -- after this period I studied political sciece and economics at Stockholm university for two years. Six months were spent at Universidad de Granada in Spain, and the same amount of time at Université de Grenoble in France, where my subjects were languages and Social Studies.

I write and speak Swedish and English with fluency in both languages.



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Timothy Tore Hebb


mob: +46 (0) 723 036 222


Gambrinusgatan 3

112 31 Stockholm